Berkeley – Land of the Wild

Let us Look at the current history of the Town of Berkeley California, situated on the beaches of San Francisco Bay. Some moved due to the increasing cost of living during the Bay Area, along with many others due to the decrease and disappearance of several businesses in West Berkeley. Many factories moved shuttered or moved off to better places. Much like the Town of Richmond to the northeast west.

The interval in the 1980s up to the current has been indicated by a continuation of increasing prices, especially concerning home, particularly since the mid-1990s. In 2005-2007, sales of houses started slowing, but normal dwelling costs were, as well as 2008 star, one of the highest in the country. Obviously, a lot of these houses in the hills have magnificent bay views that keep their worth high. However, they’re also located quite close to the Hayward earthquake error also. This leaves many nervous about residing long term. Were you aware that the fault runs directly down the center of the Cal football arena? You may really see where it’s changed the walls at the same end of the scene.

Though many consider the 1960s since the heyday of liberalism in Berkeley, it is still one of the very Democratic cities in the USA. Today it’s one of the very innovative city authorities in the country as many who have been involved in political activity from the ’60s settled down and became more active in politics.
The age of public demonstration waned substantially with the conclusion of the Vietnam War in 1974. He served on the City Council, and afterward became a national representative to the district that includes Berkeley. He had been chosen as Mayor of Oakland in 2006, where sadly he innovative past hasn’t served him well in a brand new city with enormous metropolitan issues.

Also in 2006, a shrub sit-in started, protesting the building of a new sports center annex into Memorial Stadium in the cost of some grove of pine trees around the UC campus Berkeley Place. The demonstration ended in September 2008 after several months of discussions with all the tree sitters. The trees came down along with the college plans to proceed with its own construction of the sports complex.

In 2007-08, demonstrations against a Marine Corps recruiting office at downtown were continuing, getting particular media focus following the City Council suggested to draft an anti-recruiting letter into the Marines. This activity drew much national media attention and resulted in the city to finally back down. But one thing that you need to be aware of is that despite its vibrant past, Berkeley stays a calm and beautiful place to call home. It stretches from the beautiful beaches of SF Bay into the open park property of Tilden Park at the southern mountains over UCB.

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